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Vaporesso LUXE X Pro

Malŝlosu Pli da Potencaj Opcioj de Vaporesso LUXE X Pro - Profesia RDL-Sperto

When considering refillable vapes, long-lasting and a higher level of RDL experience are two features some vapers look out for. However, the new Vaporesso LUXE X Pro Pod Mod vape kit seems to have these qualities. Vaporesso is a thriving fabrikanto de vapo kiu rivelis sian lastan proponon por la vapo-merkato. Compared to other vape products, the new Vaporesso LUXE

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E-Cigareda Industrio Floras kun Novigaj Vapo-Dezajnoj

Innovation is a fundamental driving force in any industry, and the vaping sector is no exception–the vape design is a curse. As consumer demand has surged for enhanced experiences in vaping, companies have been relentless in their pursuit of creating products with different vape designs that offer longevity without breaching legislative boundaries. One such boundary is the Tobacco Products Directive

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Tabakaj Vaporaj Cigaroj Estas Novaj Ŝatataj ĉe Butikfasadoj sur Wilson Avenue

  A corner building, formerly home to SuperStar Tickets, is welcoming a new business –“Tobacco Vape Cigars”.The changing face of retail is evident everywhere, with each transformation reflecting broader shifts in society. One such transformation can be seen at 2305 Wilson Blvd, at the intersection of Wilson Blvd and N. Wayne Street. The strikingly distinct white, red, and yellow signage,

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La Venonta Generacia Vapo de Juul

La Venonta Generacia Vapo de Juul: Paŝo Al Pli Sekura Alternativo por Plenkreskaj Fumantoj

  An Innovative Age Verification System In a world increasingly reliant on technology, it’s no surprise that tech solutions are being applied to age-old problems. One such challenge? Keeping nicotine products away from underage users. Juul Labs has proposed a “Juul’s Next-Generation Vape”  device with built-in age verification capabilities, marking a potential game-changer for the e-cigarette industry in the United

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Preter Konvencia Vapingo kun la Unika Antaŭplenigita Pods kaj E-Suko-Disigo de VPFIT Insbar II

  1. Introduction The VPFIT Insbar II elegantly marries form and function with its svelte dimensions and feather-light build. It’s clear from the jump that this device isn’t just about aesthetics. Beneath its sleek exterior lies a 400 mAh battery, precision-engineered 1.2-ohm mesh coil pre-filled pods available in 10 flavors, and a USB Type C charging system.   As we delve

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Juul Labs

Gravaj Vape-Novaĵoj - Usona E-cigaredisto Juul Labs Maldungos 30% Laborforton

  Juul Labs, a leading e-cigarette company, has announced plans to cut its workforce by 30% in order to reduce costs and increase profits. The layoffs will affect approximately 250 employees, resulting in a total headcount of around 650. This move is expected to reduce operating expenses by $225 million. Juul Labs is currently seeking federal authorization to keep its

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Bonega Novaĵo Atendanta pri Filipina Vapo-Festivalo 2023

If you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground in the vaping community, you’ll have caught the buzz about this year’s most anticipated event – the Vape Festival (PVF) 2023. Happening on the 20th of August, this grand fest is set to take place at the iconic venue – The Tent, Las Pinas. And to the delight of many, Aspire,

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Vaporesso Luxe X Pro

Mirinda VAPORESSO LUXE X PRO - Vapo Kiel Profesiulo, Sen ĝeno

  1. Introduction Introducing the VAPORESSO LUXE X PRO, a cutting-edge pod device designed for the modern vaper. With a generous 5 mL pod capacity, you have the freedom to bring your own vape juice and enjoy longer sessions without frequent refills. The LUXE X PRO is compatible with LUXE X Series mesh pods, ensuring optimal flavor and vapor production. 

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Irely Vilhelmo
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