VOZOL GEAR 10000 Eldonita: Plenigi la Lastan Enigmon de Gusta Sperto


Establita en 2018, VOZOL is a vape brand dedicated to providing top vape products and promoting their responsible usage as a healthier and more pleasurable alternative.

Recently, VOZOL renewed its model in the Gear series: Vozol Gear 10000 forĵetebla with 10000 puffs. Gear 10000 features the latest in SiLC technology. This stands for Smoother, Identical, Longer-lasting and Cleaner.



First disposable featuring Power Stabiling Technology

Traditionally, e-cigarettes tend to decay flavor when they’re not fully charged. VOZOL has taken note of the pain point raised by users.

VOZOL GEAR 10000, Stabilizes the taste by improving the power instability caused by the degradation of lithium batteries through intelligent algorithms. This Power Stabilizing Technology allows it to maintain a consistent power output and make every puff like the first flavor, With this feature, Believe that the Gear 10000 will set a new taste standard in the industry.

VOZOL GEAR 10000Unprecedented smoothness in every puff

GEAR 10000 Increasing the 87% contact area between e-likva and coil to achieve optimal flavor transfer temperature, resulting in the ultimate flavor experience.

VOZOL GEAR 10000Besides, The VOZOL GEAR 10000 uses an innovative airflow design to eliminate vortex and improve airflow by 30%, allowing users to inhale more smoothly and with less effort.


More convenient to use

It offers the best mouthpiece protection solution. With a removable protector, the vaping user can adapt it to their needs.

Gear10000 goes with you everywhere. The multi-function buckle features a groundbreaking carabiner design, just snap it on with only a few touches.


Ekologia amika dezajno

VOZOL Gear10000 is made with 65% post-consumer recycled content to reduce pressure on virgin materials and help protect our environment. Its battery charge is also optimized to go from 10% to 100% in just 45 minutes. Saving energy through conscious design.


Flavors to fit all tastes

The Gear10000 comes in up to 15 different flavors, with many more coming soon. You can find exciting flavors like red mojito, blue razz lemon, cream tobacco, sour apple ice, peach mango smoothie, lemon mint, cedar berries, and green blast.


This wide range of flavors is designed to meet the unique tastes of each erson, so everyone can find the one they like. Or better yet, try them all!

Now, Vozol is a world-famous vapormarko with a complete system of design, research, development, manufacturing and global distribution, with partners all around the world.

At VOZOL,they be committed to making joy happen, with products that will be perfect both in design and function.

Company: Shenzhen Foresight Innovations Technology Co.,Ltd

retpoŝto: [retpoŝte protektita]

Website: https://vozoltech.com/

Address: Floor 3, 14A# Dongzhi Building, Taihuawutong Industrial Park, Sanwei

Community, Hangcheng Sub-district,Bao’an District, Shenzhen, CHINA

Irely Vilhelmo
Aŭtoro: Irely Vilhelmo

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